Blackpool LUG Meeting 12/02/2011

Well a slightly reduced number this week, but the quality wasn’t reduced.
There was
  • Mark
  • Dave
  • Jon
  • Les
  • Mike
  • Peter
  • Ed
There wasn’t much hacking this week, instead we had a general chat, then did a bit of tinkering.

The gangs all here

Our chat related to patent trolling (SCO / Microsoft), Linux distros for newbies, and Gnome-Do.

Jon showing Peter Gnome-Do

Peter wanted to know how to use shortcuts to perform tasks / open applications quickly.
You can set up keyboard shortcuts in Ubuntu using System >> Preferences >> Keyboard Shortcuts, the process should be similar for other distributions. You can also use an application called Gnome-Do (or Docky) to create a small dock on the desktop. This dock learns what apps you use and adapts. Its a really great app and you should try it out.
Les was tinkering with Mike’s Dell laptops, one had Tiny Core Linux installed, the other was running Bodhi Linux
Tiny Core on the left, Bodhi Linux on the right
Les enjoyed Bodhi Linux, its based on Ubuntu, but used the Enlightenment window manager, instead of Gnome/KDE/Xfce.
Les’ only gripe is with the speed of the distro, even runing on a Core2 Duo with 4GB of RAM the distro felt sluggish, hopefully this will be improved upon in the future.
Jon brought along a little box of tricks
Jon's server in his pocket!
It’s a server, a wireless device (like a MiFi), print server, some say its also a relative of Skynet
Jon, tell us more mate.
The pictures of this meeting can be found here

2 thoughts on “Blackpool LUG Meeting 12/02/2011

  1. The mini server goes by the unwieldy name of 3.5G Plus WLAN Wall Server Router, and was purchased from Solwise about 12 months ago. The product page is located here: However, looks like they have just discontinued it, which is a pity because I have never seen anything like anywhere else!

    I originally bought it to share a 3G mobile broadband dongle among three computers, and also to share a printer to the same machines. All this this is does admirably.

    It is effectively an embedded version Linux created specifically for the hardware, and is a bit of a 'Swiss Army Knife' when it comes to functions. The small unit is quite well-built considering the price, uses an ARM processor, and also provides 11n wireless, 2 Ethernet and 2 USB ports. There are also 5 indicator lights on the unit, a mode switch, and a WPS button. Power for the unit can come from either the wall plug that I used on Saturday or an external 5v power adaptor or one of those double-plug USB cables. The Solwise product is actually an OEM version of a product made by a Taiwanese company. Their product page is here:

    It combines the functions of wireless access point, firewall, print server, file server (using SAMBA), FTP server, webcam server and can allow a standard ASDL connection to fail-over to a 3G connection. On the wireless front, the unit can act as a WAP or a repeater or a wireless client. The configuration is accessed via a web interface, which runs on a small web server in the unit.

    Obviously, I like this 'gadget' a lot and I have been very impressed with operation of the unit and its reliability and its low power consumption. Not bad for something that only cost 45 quid!


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