Fignition single board computer

Ollie built the fignition  single board computer (pictured)  from a kit of parts.

When it works, it runs forth, a programming language: from wikipedia
“Although not as popular as other programming systems, Forth has enough support to keep several language vendors and contractors in business. Forth is currently used in boot loaders such as Open Firmwarespace applications,[1]and other embedded systems. Gforth, an implementation of Forth by the GNU Project, is actively maintained, with its most recent release in December 2008. The 1994 standard is currently undergoing revision, provisionally titled Forth 200x.[2]

Unfortunately, it did not work once it was completed.
Fault finding is now required, but we haven’t found a circuit diagram for it yet.

2 thoughts on “Fignition single board computer

  1. Hi folks,

    Julian Skidmore here, the FIGnition designer. I've just come across your blog. Sorry the machine doesn't yet work. Firstly, there's a testing connection list at:

    Actually there isn't a circuit diagram, because the machine was designed using a version of the Osmond X PCB designer which designs directly to PCBs! One owner has had an attempt at producing a circuit diagram, but it wasn't completed.

    Secondly, the FIGnition google group should be able to provide some advice.

    hope this helps!


  2. Hi Julian –

    thanks for the pointers. We have already followed these suggested tests, without luck.
    We have also used an arduino to program another atmega chip with the blink sketch, and temporarily swapped that into the Fignition.
    The port pulses as it should, so we know the fignition psu and components supporting the atmega chip are all working, but have not managed to progress any further yet.


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